Read Carefully-I Am The Second Coming

The so-called "second coming" already happened and I am it along with a multitude of star seed forerunners that came to the planet more 50 years ago. Among these Spiritual forerunners are titanic, cosmic, shamanic souls like myself who were "called" here to planet Earth. Our assignment is to be present, holding our Light to help mankind shift to a higher level of consciousness.

You have already accepted the second coming as many of you are shifting to a higher awareness. Please don't go back to the old energy text called the Bible. It does not accurately put forth the second coming. Understand that what is being talked about in the Bible and other sacred texts is the concept of "Christ Consciousness" within each person, not one person as you have been led to believe from your dogma.

The truth is the awakening in humanity as a second coming of a higher vibratory level, higher frequencies, grater energy of pure intent, pure love, peace, abundance, happiness, creativity, wisdom, kindness, loving detachment and much, much more. This second coming is now, wiping away war, hate, greed, envy, jealousy, intolerance, anger, bigotry and judgement.

Get with the vibration of this second coming that is ALREADY HERE. Do not keep waiting for something to happen or someone to save you. We are already here, aligned with your higher Self to show you it is possible to carry this high vibration of love while still in body.

The time is now. I am the second coming and I stand tall in revealing the truth which your churches are hiding from you as we speak. Remember, I am not saying that I am Jesus Christ. I am telling you that the wave of Christ consciousness is already here and that I am a part of it with many others. It's time for YOU to join the gravey train!!!!!!


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