Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I Have Experienced Arrogance

In my relationship experiences in life, I have come face to face with arrogance and it is not what I decided to keep with me on my wisdom path. You may be surprised with what I found arrogance to truly be and here it is: human arrogance suggests that I cannot accept you just the way you are but you cannot question me and must accept me just the way I am. I may critique you for your faults but you dare not critique me. This is human arrogance based on severe egotism at its height that says I am better than you, I am more important than you.

This is in the mass consciousness as played out all over the world in the celebrity glamour culture, the culture of the rich and famous and in the culture of the powerful who believe everyone else is a peasant beneath them. It's pure lower ego that is truly blind to any other as in they literally can't see you as they are so obsessed with themselves. These arrogant people really believe they are better than you and me and that we should be just like them. They really believe that their fecal matter smells like roses!

I saw this in my own life where I felt that everyone should be where I am Spirtually as in I used to judge people if they were not on a Spiritual path like me. Pure arrogance.

I learned and accepted that everyone is on their own path that is right for them. Everyone is here to grow Spiritually and where they are at in that process is germain to them and is not a matter of good/bad or better/worse. Everyone is on the path to enlightenment. It is arrogant of me to expect them to be exactly where I am or for me to be envious of others whether they are lower or higher Spiritually in my perception. Being Spiritually aware means accepting others for who they are and where they are and not arrogantly believing that others are beneath or above you, they are just where they are and it is not a moral issue.

I believe that when you accept yourself and others for exactly who and what they are, you have mastered the lower levels of your persona/psyche/ego. You have contained your arrogance. Not an easy task in this glamour filled culture so pervasive on Earth but one worthy of noble beings like we all are.

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