Thursday, August 18, 2016

I Don't Wait

I don't wait as in, I am not waiting to die, I am not waiting to live. I have died a thousand deaths in this life time and I have lived and am living a charmed life. I have fulfilled many of my dreams in life, have been deeply loved and have loved deeply. I live, I die. I am not concerned or worried about the past because I have no regrets and I am not concerned about the future because I trust that I am.

Most of what I see as people's unhappiness is that they are waiting for the happy time, the happy moment. They say, "I'll be happy when..." When never comes and they inadvertently rob themselves of being happy in the moment. Their life is a waiting game. They wait for love, for peace, for happiness. How sad. All these things, life, death, love, peace, happiness are in you now. There is no need to wait. You can feel love now by loving yourself, you can be at peace now by being peace now.

I don't wait. To have the things I want now, I give them now. My happiness or sadness does not depend on what another does. There is only one way to get and that is to give. In any happy relationship that I have had, I always give first and I don't worry about getting and I find that with this attitude, I always get. If I give to you and get nothing in return, I don't call that a relationship.

My life, my death, my peace, my happiness is all happening right now, I don't wait. Waiting is not living. Waiting is stasis.

I am happy to wait in line, I am happy to wait for the doctor. Why am I happy doing this waiting? I am happy doing this waiting because as I stand in line waiting, I am alive in that moment. That moment is all I have. It is not waiting to me. It is living. I am happy. I am curious, there is much to learn, much to know.

Don't wait. Live now.

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