Saturday, August 6, 2016

I Can See Who You Really Are

I can see beyond the veneer of the 3 D sensory matrix into what your energy complex really looks like, that is, I can see through your persona to your soul. This means I can see your aura, I can feel your emotions, what you're thinking and I can see your future. This ability is one I can use my five senses with because I have learned to connect my senses to my soul as in I am seeing you with my third eye, etc.

How did I gain this ability? I simply remembered that I had it. I came to accept that it is a natural part of my quantum nature. All through my life, I had what is called second sight, that I am an ultra sensitive empath but I ignored it until too many experiences and signs woke me up to the reality of my abilities proving they were real psychic abilities and I was not, in the matrix's parlance, psychotic.

Now, I have news for you, all humans have psychic abilities because they are built into the human quantum complex. So, the question arises: why do most people reject this part of their nature?

I have an answer that comes from my experience: most people reject their psychic nature, that is, they don't want to "see" because they are afraid of the unknown as conditioned into them by mass consciousness that instructs them that being psychic is taboo, wrong, evil, bad, dark, etc. With this conditioning in their belief systems, most people simply develop a resistance to their psychic abilities, they become non-believers. I know because I was this way once until I "saw" too many psychic phenomena I could no longer ignore and then I went into training to sharpen my psychic abilities and became a seer.

I am afraid that everyone has psychic experiences but they ignore them as if it's just their imagination. Well, I've got more good news for you-your imagination is real. It's not just your imagination. It is your connection to your quantum abilities, to your awesome multidimensionality.

We, as a collective, are coming out of our slumber and into awakening to our true nature as psychic beings. May I encourage you not to fear this awakening. When you finally awake, your biggest shock and you will feel shock, is that these are natural gifts inherent in all humans and are not a sacrilege.

Being a seer is Saintly not satanic, I can assure you.

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