Sunday, August 21, 2016

As In Me, It Shall Be Done

Whatever it is that's "in" you, that's how your life unfolds. What is this "it" that is in you and where is this "in"?

The IT we're talking about are your beliefs, your thoughts, your feelings. The place, the IN where these occur are within your persona/psyche/ego, that is your mind, your heart and also your soul.

For example, if you have limiting beliefs, thoughts and feelings about yourself such as you are not smart enough or good enough to be something, to have something, that something will be limited from you, it will not be done. Your circumstances, people you meet, opportunities will contain the reality of the limitations you have set forth by your beliefs, thinking and feelings. It has to be in you to be done. Why is it so hard for people to see this and to change their limiting beliefs?

You first have to have the awareness that you are the one creating your life, that you have limiting beliefs and the next is the desire and motivation to change. What blocks change? Habitual limiting belief behavior that keeps people locked in a constant loop of behaving in the same limiting ways,  getting the same poor results until they get disgusted enough to change into the realization, then behavior of unlimited beliefs and thinking, finally seeing their dreams come true and then they believe this "as in me, it shall be done" is real.

You have got to experience that your mind, heart and soul DOES have the power to create your reality, good or bad. Until then, you won't believe it, you won't be aware of it.

How to change your mindset to unlimited thinking: develop the courage to first review, to look at your belief systems. What are your beliefs around money for example? Really dig deep. Sit with yourself and take the time to see what is in you. Really check in with yourself and see how you really feel about yourself and things. Develop the habit to analyze, to think a bit deeper and know what is limiting you.

This is developing your awareness. Developing your awareness to see what's really in you so that you can be, then do and ultimately have the life of your dreams and not be limited by your beliefs. Most of the people on Earth are limited by their beliefs, many not even their own.

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