Why Did My Cosmic, Shamanic Soul Choose Me?

The whole process of the human being being "ensouled" is to me, both fascinating and curious! How does this happen and why does each of our souls choose us, choose this particular human to incarnate as? I know, it's a fairly deep question to both ask let alone answer but let's try.

As far as I have perceived why my Cosmic, shamanic soul chose this human, John Bernstein, is because there were potential qualities in this human to be able to balance the triad of Spiritual or God connection of the mind, heart and pineal. It seems to me that I was ensouled with this titanic Spiritual energy because my DNA carried the energetic blueprint to be able to allow my intellect, my feelings and intuition to work as one and therefore have a God connection from inception. I have seen this at work in my life from a very early age where my empathic nature rose to connect with people on a soul level first. I was able to connect with the soul in EVERYTHING. I was having intuitive connection early on, I just didn't cognize it or cement in the belief at first.

Now, for the how of it. My perception and to a great extent, my experience is that my human body is designed as a multidimensional complex that is already set up from birth to carry its aura, chakras amd quantum abilities and from this the soul is already attached and my 12 strands of DNA already are light encoded to be receptive to the Cosmic, Shamanic soul that chose me. It does not mean that at birth that my intellect and feelings were in total alignment or attunement yet with my Cosmic, Shamanic intuition. My Cosmic, Shamanic soul was always there and I, the human, had to open up to this soul, had to allow my connection with it to mature and grow. Let me give you an example. As a child, I had out of body or what are called astral projected experiences. Mostly at night, while supposedly asleep as a four or five year old child, I would astral project and find myself floating around my apartment. This frightened me, especially since the apartment was dark and I found myself pulling my astral body back into my physical body. I never spoke of this wth anyone and of course, I never allowed myself to do it again until later in life. I could also see the auras of everything and I still do. I actually see more than just the auras of people and things, I see beyond the veil. That is, I am an ultra-sensitive empathic intuitive. These astral projections were not Spiritual, they were metaphysical, Ascension abilities but they hinted at an aspect of me that was different from other humans around me at the time. It was as if my Cosmic, Shamanic soul was knocking on the door of my consciousness reminding me of who I was and was to become.

As a child, these messages frightened me. As an adult, I have learned to BE this, to ACCEPT this, to ENJOY this, to USE it for the benefit of mankind and the Earth in a positive way.

I am in deep appreciation and gratitude that my Cosmic, Shamanic soul chose me. I realize now that it IS me and I have always been this and it has always "chosen" me in every incarnation on planet Earth or wherever I am assigned. I and my Cosmic, Shamanic soul are one.

That and 50 cents won't even get you a cup of coffee!


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