Why Are You Stuck In The Consciousness Of Strife?

The politics in America right now is very exemplary of the people of this country being locked into the lower consciousness of strife. Politics ranks a 2 out of 10 as to the level of consciousness that politics is on. The people here in this country are terrified like they are in a hell. They don't have to be and all they have to do is simply accept and move up to the higher vibrating realities that are right next door to them. All this concern with politics is a low level concern.

Humans, by nature, are multidimensional beings already endowed with multiple levels of consciousness. You can simple move your consciousness to the higher levels of flow, peace, love and more by simply focusing on those as they are already you. When you focus on the lower vibration of politics, territoriality, conflicting emotions, you are locked in a hell of your own focus. Why do you choose this low consciousness?

People killing each other over differing political and religious views? Barbarity at its height and the exposure of humans as ignorant and stupid beings allowing themselves to be taken in by the low vibrations of their leaders. Ridiculous and unnecessary.

I have compassion for my fellow humans but I do not and will no longer tolerate stubbornness. If you want to blow yourselves up, kill each other, hurt each other for your silly little beliefs, go ahead. You are behaving like little petulant children with no emotional control. You are all so easily manipulated. Shame on you. Grow up. Start facing your Spiritual adult and get out of the mud of these lower vibrations of war, killing, guns, bullying, intolerance, hate, ignorance, lying, stupidity and anger.

If you continue in this way, you will not remain on this planet as the rest of us move up into higher consciousness and enjoy abundance, peace, serenity, wealth, sustainance, tranquility, happiness, healing and love.

The divisiveness in America is for losers, "coffee is for closers." Sell yourself on your desperate need to get out of this barbaric hell you are in. Either that or you're off planet.


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