Thursday, July 21, 2016

What Is Being Fearless?

There is much talk and writing today in Spiritual circles about being fearless! What is this being fearless all about? It certainly is not dismissing the ego, a protective device of the Soul and being reckless and stupid. It's not about putting yourself in danger. So, what is being fearless about and how do we get there?

I often quote from Carlos Castenada's books and specifically, I like to quote Don Juan Matus, the sorcerer that Carlos Castaneda studied under. Don Juan said, "Forget the self and you will fear nothing." What is Don Juan talking about here? I perceive that he is telling us to identify with our unlimited, life-everlasting, larger Self with a capital S that is indeed our essential nature, our real Self that doesn't die. He is telling us to change the focus of our identification from ego/persona/psyche,  the little self, to Spirit, the big Self. In doing this, we retrieve ourselves from living just in survival mode to living in trusting mode knowing that the plan of Spirit is in place and all is well. Don Juan is asking us to go from always analyzing to always being and that being is the spark of Spirit.

When we forget the self, that is, shift our identification of who and what we are, we shed our righteous self-importance that so often makes us feel more important, more special than others making us feel alone and separate. Forgetting the self also allows us to see that we are all imbued with Spirit and are therefore all life everlasting at varying levels of Spiritual connection, maturity and development.

This being fearless is no easy task. It takes switching around your mindset and identification process from seeing yourself as just your mind, body and emotions to seeing your real identity: a multidimensional, Spiritual being that does not die, cannot be killed, is never sick, has literally no fear.

You really have no fear, it's just that you have been conditioned by the mass consciousness, society, the matrix to believe in fear as the natural process of living when it's an unnatural process. Yes, fear is unnatural and putting yourself in danger is stupid. There is a difference. Be fearless, stay out of danger.

You have nothing to prove.

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