What Does An "Old Soul" Do?

I am a so-called "old soul" and in being that, what I realize that I do is sew seeds of light on the carpet of linear time, oftentimes not even knowing that I will also be harvesting those exact, mature plants of wisdom as I return in body in a subsequent life. Therefore, to me, I am not many different bodies over time, I am a continuum of physical energy that returns to the Earth with all my soul lessons intact and it is in learning from, remembering these lessons in each successive lifetime, never to repeat them, moving on to new experiences, that I expand the awareness of my soul and thus become what I term an "old soul."

An "old soul" remembers the lessons (remember, I am speaking from experience) and comes into physical life at a higher vibratory level being on a path that is more Spiritual, more purposeful, more aligned with higher ego, higher realities on the planet like being a forger of compassion, peace, healing, wisdom, kindness, tolerance, acceptance and love. The "old soul" will generally end up in subsequent lifetimes as a boddhisatva, a wisdom keeper, a counselor, a Spiritual leader or some kind of guiding Spirit. I could be wrong but you won't find "old souls" harming others and causing havoc.

Therefore, look to your purpose, look to your actions in this lifetime and see where you are on the carpet of linear time. If you cannot discover this in yourself, start now to learn your soul lessons and move on from those lessons that seem to repeat over and over in your life. Face these cries from your soul to expand its awareness and sew only seeds of light that mature you, evolve you, not devolve you.

It is time on Earth for all of humanity to mature in realizing that this physical experience is for the soul and as such, that is the energy to connect with by not forgetting the physical but knowing it IS your soul in its journey to interface and learn with and from nature. Spirit has created our soul and our soul created our physical bodies as an interface with nature as it could not interface otherwise.

Live and learn to become an old soul.


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