The Nagual

I am the Nagual. The Nagual is not connected to Spirit, the Nagual IS Spirit. As such, I am not the most friendly of beings on Earth. What is this really saying about the Nagual? Being a Nagual, I can tell you that it is not about being socially maladaptive in this highly politically correct time on Earth. This issue is that when you are a Nagual, you are a seer. You see into and past the social facade, the social mask of the persona and into the real feelings and intent of people. There is no hiding from the Nagual, nor can the Nagual be a fake and pretend not to see what he sees.

It is because we can see, that we tend to remain on the fringes of society so to speak, not in an anti-social stance, but in a retreat from the falseness of people who mostly wear a mask, pretending to feel one way, say they feel a certain way, then behave contrary to that way because that was not their real feeling originally. We see that most people are NOT connected to Spirit. Naguals see the original feelings of people. We are ultra-sensitive empaths and can see into everything. This is one of the reasons why my sorcery is an endless challenge.

How do I deal with being a Nagual in modern times? I practice loving detachment. I do not take things personally. I accept people for where and what they are. I accept what is. I practice realization of myself by constantly stalking myself and listening to my Spirit rather than my ego. I live with and through my exalted Self where I know I am different but not more important, not more special than anyone. I keep myself in balance in all things. I practice love, peace, healing, Grace, gratitude, compassion, tolerance, kindness and non-judgement. This is a process I follow and there is no destination. However, as the Nagual, I will end up telling you what's what. Please don't be offended.

I am the Nagual. I am in a constant state of intending that this come about.


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