Misery Addicts

Misery addicts continue their pursuit of frustration and failure. How do people become misery addicts and how can they break the momentum of this affliction?

I have experienced that becoming a misery addict is so simple! You just repetitively give in to your negativity that you believe was stimulated from "out there." You take no responsibility for being a misery addict. You just get into a habit of seeing everything as going wrong, of being bad, of blaming, of complaining, of allowing your lower ego to control you. But you say it isn't you and you keep saying that if the world were more positive, you would be too. Not so fast. Just remember that your experience is a direct reflection of what you are thinking!!!! Where misery addicts are stuck is in their thinking that "if I don't like it, I blame someone else."

You can change your misery addiction by one simple choice, one simple decision: stop thinking negatively. Reprogram yourself by first deciding no more misery for you! After that momentous decision, begin the practice of changing your thinking to one that sees that there are two sides to every coin and that misery is just a different reflection of your joy. You can feel bad about an experience, just don't stay there forever. Realize that the Cosmic Law of the pendulum states that things always swing back and forth. You are never stuck in misery, you are only stuck in misery of your making that you allow to become habitual. You must fully accept that life has ups and downs and you must, must see each as learning experiences for your soul. Staying in misery is a form of self-punishment, I believe, that is based on low self-worth where you don't love yourself enough. When you are thinking miserable thoughts, could it be that this is just you and the situation is not miserable at all or not as miserable or intolerable as you think or as you are making it?

Start adding self-love to your habitual way of thinking and you will very soon break the bonds of your misery addiction. Just by refusing to continue your misery, you have taken the first step to become happy. I prefer happy. Just my thing.


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