If You Don't Want Morally Bankrupt Candidates Running for Office Do This

If you don't want morally bankrupt citizens running for public office in America or in any country, of any level, may I suggest you do this: expand your personal horizons. Include, in your world view, hope and encouragement, which are stabilizing influences. Find, within yourself, the blessing of optimism and the ability to focus on action. Remain good humored with the determination and power of vision that is able to make projects come to fruition and be able to communicate your vision to others, giving them your sense of hope and encouragement. When you attain this level of confidence, the low level people seeking to rule over you have no chance because you are too strong to allow their lower vibrations to hold sway.

Temper your strength with sympathy and your courage with true conviction that you lead yourself, that you are not a victim, that you are already whole and great and it is the character of some of the leaders of our world who are morally bankrupt that has caused our frustrations. Make no mistake. They are a reflection of us because we have lowered our guard. Let us pick up the gauntlet today and refuse to be convinced by demagoguery, hyperbole, innuendo, lies, disengenuousness, falseness and plain ignorance.

We are the people we have been waiting for to change the world for the better. We are not the sheeple  of the world, we are not peasants. We are victors who are empowered by our own intelligence and moral compass that knows a crook, a corrupt politician when we smell one. Don't get angry over things you can't control. Instead, create a world where truth, integrity, honor, love, compassion, kindness and tolerance come to fruition.

Rise up. Elect the better.


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