I Perceive The Unknown

As a shaman and sorcerer, I live in and seek in my life to perceive the unknown. I am not afraid to explore the mysteries of the world, the mysteries of Spirit. I am not afraid to feel difficult emotions, I am not afraid of the thoughts contained in my unconscious. I am in and with the unknown every day. The unknown is my stomping ground.  This perception is not found amongst my friends in the mass consciousness. To them, the unknown is weird and to be feared.

Why is this? From what I perceive, it is the regular practice of staying in the confines of the lowest vibratory levels in Spirit, body, mind and emotion. The concerns of these lower frequencies are the concerns of the matrix: money, politics, society, sex, survival, competition, judgement, self-aggrandizement, comparison, food, etc. this to my friends in the matrix is all there is and anything vibrating outside this level or levels is considered dangerous, weird, the devil, evil, scary, unknown and very woo woo.

This is not my opinion, make no mistake. It is my experience from relating to the people in the Matix whether family or friends. My sadness comes from knowing that the Matix, as they know it, is collapsing all around them right now and you can see their reaction to it all over the world: they are going insane. From Trump to ISSIS, we are seeing the matrix collapsing on itself and this is bringing the unknown more out in the open and is scaring the dickens out of mass consciousness. If you don't believe me, turn on the news. The collapse of the lower, 3D matrix is in high gear with its destruction and is going away. I am very sorry to say this is making many kill themselves and others because they are so fearful of the unknown. Much of this insanity is happening unconsciously as in the people experiencing this insanity really don't know why.

The only way to prevail is to raise your vibrational level through creating and being peace, love, tolerance, acceptance, happiness, kindness, compassion in your every waking moment. Be these things with all your effort and might and you will prevail during and after the collapse of the matrix. You are going to have to get used to the unknown. This is not the apocalypse or some such nonsense. It is the beginning of a new era on earth of higher Spiritual realities but there is some pain that is coming with it because of the low consciousness of many of Earth's inhabitants.

I perceive the unknown, yet I can feel the toxicity of the matrix as it screams as Donald Trump has been screaming for over a year. He is the figurehead of the reaction to the collapse of the matrix. Listen to his words as they reflect the deepest fears of his precious 3D matrix going away. Then he, his family and his followers will either face the unknown or leave the planet. Yes, I am afraid it is that harsh. Get ready. It's upon us.


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