How To Set Your Worlds In Motion

How does one learn to set one's worlds in motion? What I have discovered is that through my own volition, through my own intent, my own will in concert with the will of Spirit, I set my worlds in motion, that is, through trusting that I am on the right track, guided by my inner knowingness and the loving guidance of Spirit, I know that the path I'm on will produce happiness, great health, abundance, prosperity, peace and tranquility. I have no doubts, no hesitation and my belief in my own volition is rock solid.

When you learn to trust yourself through the practice of discernment, you send out clear signals to the Universe. You are tracking on the Wisdom Path! There is no confusion. What you get back from the Universe is the same clarity that is in you.

The reason most people are not able to set their worlds in motion is because they don't believe they are empowered to do so. They have been conditioned, domesticated to lack trust in themselves and they look outside themselves for a savior. They don't want to take responsibility for their actions. This is not a gross generalization as when you look around the world at how people treat themselves, each other and the planet, you will see a total lack of trust that they can make things better by changing THEIR behavior. They simply don't believe that there are consequences for their actions as if they are alone on this planet and will get away with whatever behavior they evince. This reality doesn't work that way. Everyone pays for their choices, right or wrong. The idea is to consciously, mindfully make the best choices, THE MOST INFORMED CHOICES and trust that your wise choices will, through your volition, set your worlds in motion, that is, put you on a track of right living, enjoying the fruits of the Universe which are yours for the taking.

It all begins with trusting that your discernment is working for you. Trust yourself. Trust the Universe. Never blame yourself or the Universe for anything. What ever is in motion in your world, YOU PUT THERE. A bitter pill to swallow? Start swallowing!!!!


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