How To Make Your Life Incredible!

My life has always been incredible no matter the ups and downs life has thrown my way. It took me a while to realize why my life is always incredible and now I want to share my secret with you. The reason my life IS incredible is because I see the good in everything, unabashedly. I come to all my experiences feeling the good, being the good, expecting the good. This is not a self-deluded, rose-colored-glasses view of the world. I know that there is both the shadow and sunny sides of life but I come to both the dark and light sides of life seeing the good in each aspect of life. I always ask myself what I can learn in every situation.

This is real, this is a state of being you must practice. It does not come easily if this is not your natural state as it is for me. I was born this way. I am a natural idealist with a positive vision of life. I have a positive perspective of life that is founded on my inner happiness. Have bad things happened to me? Of course but they did not happen because I was being punished for having happiness.

This is not to say that I fool myself into a false sense of positivity by "thinking positive." I see the good in everything. Let that sink in for a moment. It doesn't mean that I cannot be sad or depressed on occasion or feel frustration as I own my shadow side. I face the negative aspects of my lower ego but what I do is I don't obsess, I don't lash out, I don't evince passive/aggressive behavior. I see the good in everything and that allows me to see through the thin veil of the negative. The negative is a weak response.

Just remember that the antidote to grief is laughter, the antidote to the so-called downers of life is always realizing what is good in the downer itself. That's the first question to ask yourself when you encounter difficulty: what is good about this? It's a real switch in thinking that you must work on.

How to start, you ask? Begin by practicing loving detachment. You don't have to take on an Atlas complex and carry the world's problems on your shoulders. What are you, a martyr? It's a waste of energy!!!


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