Your Greatest Fear Is You

I have found from the experiences with my Soul and my Higher Self that the things I meet that I fear the most are me!!! Go ahead, wrap your head around that one for a minute because it's a biggie!

The thing that you have felt all your life that is out to get you, to suck the soul out of you, to steal your soul, is you, your true essence. You are afraid of YOU because there is no entity that has sovereignty over you, can do anything to you unless you agree to it. The Light quotient, the Spiritual power of the human soul is too powerful to agree with anything or one interfering with its sovereignty. There is nothing out there but your own Soul that is begging you to listen to it and you have been conditioned to ignore it, to fear it by a very materialistic society that puts emphasis on the sensory world. This is not a condemnation of society just a wake up call to honor and not fear that which you are in your essence...Spirit.

When Spirit knocks, it is scary to open the door and look at God, Spirit in the face! Please understand that I went through this and I am telling you that at first I was afraid of Spirit. I didn't understand it but through many connections and experiences with Spirit, with my true Self, I began to see what the true nature of my being is. A very powerful, Soulful, Spiritual being inhabiting a human format to experience the natural world in order to expand my Soul's awareness AND assist with the karmic release of the Earth and its inhabitants.

If you want to meet yourself and get over your fears of yourself and meet Spirit, the first place to go is within through contemplation and meditation. Silence your mind and ego and wait for Spirit to contact you. It will. It may be disconcerting at first if you are not used to facing God, Spirit, your own Soul. You'll get acquainted with yourself with practice and repetition. This is the greatest thing you can do in this lifetime.

I strongly encourage you to do this as soon you can because it will bring many blessings to your life the greatest of which is the end of fear!!!!!!


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