You Are The Only One Here

There is no one and nothing else on your journey but YOU. YOU are alone. Everything around YOU, in you is about you. How YOU perceive your path is about YOU. You cannot point to anyone or anything as to why or how you experience and perceive your path, so blaming is really an exercise in futility because it will be made aware to you eventually that YOU create your reality by how you perceive it and respond to it.

When you wish to change something on your path, your journey, change your perception of it, change your response to it. How does this happen? Changing the tone of your path comes by expanding your soul's awareness which comes from learning from your life's experiences and not ignoring important life lessons. Every life experience grows your soul's awareness, good and bad.

In Kabbalah there is a process called Tikkune which is the process of soul correction in a particular lifetime. In each lifetime, we incarnate to correct or overcome a specific theme that is holding our soul's back from expanding its awareness and gaining more Light of the Creator. We increase our consciousness in this way. For example, your Tikkune may be that you have been a soul that practices "for me, myself alone" meaning you are selfish, it's all about you. In this life time, your soul correction would be to experience and live in service to others and that it's not just about you alone. This is a change or expansion of your soul's awareness and your perception changes to include others as just as important as yourself.

The soul's journey is toward enlightenment and it is a are always moving toward enlightenment. That enlightenment is gained through ever expanding you soul's awareness.

The greatest secret about this solitary path, this soul journey that you are on, is that as you expand your soul's awareness, it has a ripple effect and helps to expand the awareness of ALL the other soul's in the Cosmos. One pebble thrown into the pond disturbs the entire pond. So too, your raising your vibrational level to a higher, more positive note, tunes up the entire Cosmic pond.

You are the Universe.


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