What truth?

The truth you believe and cling to, makes you unavailable to hear anything new! Is the truth you so jealously cling to YOUR truth or THE truth? Is there such a thing as THE truth?

Operating from a higher perception has taught me that there is no truth. There is what you consciously believe to be true for YOU but in real terms, there are only Cosmic Laws that we humans operate under and what we think of as THE TRUTH are simply our opinions of reality. What is true for you may not be true for me but often, humans force their truth on others or die holding on so tightly to their truth. When you hold blindly and tightly to your truth, you are using past knowledge to navigate through your progression of life, ignoring newer and greater understandings and knowledge that often make older truths obsolete.

One of the biggest so-called truths held by many humans in the world is that their God is the only God, the best God and their way of seeing this God is the true and only way and all other ways are false. This is THEIR truth and they point to pages in an old book to prove it. This truth is the basis for much suffering, hate, intolerance, killing, judgement and bias. Yet many stay blinded by this truth and has caused them to be unavailable to hear anything new.

I see that these humans are stuck in old ways. That is a truth I see. To me, if you are truly after the truth, you will be open to other ideas, other ways of being. This clinging to the truth you believe in and killing others for this truth is an affliction on Earth.

I am here to say that by becoming more open to other truths, we humans can stop this affliction and stop it we must. Hold to your truth but be open to other truths.

Do not hate another for their truth for their truth could set you free.


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