The Soul Is Multidimensional

The soul is multidimensional. Dimensions are what I like to refer to as "consciousness constructs" or places where certain levels of consciousness are played out.

There are many dimensions our souls are aware of and exist in simultaneously with the three lower dimensions the most familiar to many Earth inhabitants or the ones that their consciousness seems to stay in. 

When you see people stuck in an existence of money, politics, competition, war, countries, territory, killing, these are the lower dimensions that these beings are functioning in because they choose to. They don't allow their souls to expand its awareness of the higher dimensions where constructs like flow, peace, love and compassion and much more exist. Why is this? 

This happens when people over-identify with their lower egos. They identify with life being survival only, about the world revolving about them, that everything is all about them. They can't see anyone else, not even their soul because they are so blinded by their own preoccupation with themselves. Self-importance is a big issue with the ego-driven people. 

When you finally evolve to the consciousness that your soul is multidimensional, you see that there is so much more to life than just you. You realize there is much more happening as you expand your awareness to the higher dimensions where there is a more expanded awareness where you can see through the vanities of the lower ego.

Killing others because their beliefs or lifestyles are different than yours is the height of lower ego it is the height of hypocrisy because while these ISIS radicals kill people in the LGBTQ community, they are having sex with 11 year old boys which is a custom amongst theses men. It is the lowest echelon of human nature that resembles the reptilian brain of "eat or be eaten." We saw this recently played out in Orlando and a good mantra for this is "hell is other people." I am talking about people who stay in the lowest of dimensions and because they are so mesmerized and controlled by their egos in these lower dimensions, they bring hell to bear on the innocent. 

Killing is a lower ego dimension. While the soul can play there, it can also soar way above this mundane level of awareness. 

Today is the day to realize our multidimensional nature and stop splashing around in the dirt, in the mud like we are reptiles. It is time for the soulful dimension of peace and we don't have to die to go there, 22 virgins or not!!!


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