The Meaning Of The World Is Made By You

Whatever meaning there is for you about yourself, about life, your reason for being here, the world and your experiences are made solely by you, for you. You are a meaning-making machine par excellence!!!. What the basis of this is is that each human's inherent ego-rational self tries to make sense and apply certain meanings to everything. You get to decide what that meaning is.

Each human being can see, can have the same experiences and come away with different meanings. Why is this so? The truth is that there is no fundamental meaning in anything, to anything. The world and its experiences just are, they have only the meaning we give to them and each person has different perceptions about her experiences and their meaning based on her belief systems and perceptions.

What is very important to know is that we can change what the meanings of things are for ourselves and also see that there is really no meaning or as much meaning in some events that we previously have taken to heart. Perhaps you will come away with the realization that there is very little that's meaningful in the outside world or you will come to see what's truly meaningful and things that you thought were so meaningful were really a waste of your time. See what I'm getting at? You create the meaning in your life. 

How do meanings change? We see through our human meaning-making machinery when we gain more clarity through deepening our perception, expanding our awareness, changing our belief systems for a more optimal life and realizing we humans are both esoteric beings and exoteric beings. We gain greater wisdom from both within and without ourselves. Everything is not just an outside game. We have inherent wisdom within that we can access that helps us to be more discerning about what meaning an experience has. We begin to deepen ourselves and we start to not take everything so personally. We stop putting so much meaning into what other people think of us or how they behave toward us or what they say to us. We stop putting so much meaning into experiences that are only meant to expand our awareness and nothing more.

The world's meaning is made by each of us to explain to us how we each see this experience and how you see this experience of life tells you more about who you are. YOU ARE YOUR EXPERIENCE!!!

What is the meaning of life? What it means to YOU and only YOU. Become aware of your meaning-making machinery. Perhaps the fact that the so-called important person who hasn't gotten back to you has no meaning?


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