Preferred-A State of Balance

In life, the preference is to maintain a state of balance. This is a mystery to many, so, what is this elusive state of balance we all seek to have in our lives?

In order to be in a state of so-called balance, you must refrain from overt overreaction or attack and at the same time, not yield to self-denial or submit to abuses. On the surface, this looks rather easy. It is not! In order to be in this state of balance, you must have strong emotional control. This is not to say that you don't feel. You feel very deeply but you are able to master HOW you handle, HOW you deal with difficult emotions. Do you let them take you over or do you stand in the eye of the storm, a patient witness to these turbulent feelings and let the storm abate, taking no harmful action to yourself or others? Do you become a victim of your emotions, do you let them disempower you or empower you? Do you allow yourself to be abused and criticized because of your feelings?

Dealing with overt overreaction, attack, self-denial and abuses that you allow within yourself and from others is a key to finding your center, the core of who you are. When you arrive at this zen state of being, you will find an inner strength that helps you to stay in balance and not be at the mercy of every little upset that life is surely to bring your way.

This is a state the brings peace, happiness, health and abundance. Who doesn't want that? Yet, so many will not realize this. Then, the truth is, you don't prefer balance, you are caught in a web of drama.

The question is, will you look at this?


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