I Was Visited By A Wizard Today

I was contacted by a wizard today who left me with the following message:

"The Pleiadians say to trust that my thoughts create my reality with divine nonchalance and inner knowing. That all of my reality is the manifestation of my thoughts mixed with my emotions! I now fully accept this with excitement and with great humor over what I surround myself with."

I believe he was telling me there is no reality other than the reality that YOU are in by how you think and feel about it. Therefore, if YOU aren't thinking and feeling for yourself and letting others think and feel for you, is that really YOUR reality?

Who is creating YOUR reality? You or what others tell you to think and feel? Do you even know? If you believe what society, religion, politics and politicians, the media, the banking system, corporations, the government, the educational system tells you to believe, to think and feel, you are captured by the matrix and are living a lie. You are a zombie who doesn't think and feel for YOURSELF.

Throw off your chains today and resolve to think and feel for yourself with divine nonchalance and inner knowing where you go within to tap the feel/know ability of your inner wizard to create the singular reality you were born to create.

How do you do this? How do you unplug from the matrix? How do you begin to know how YOU think and feel?

First, go into periods of silence. Second, go into periods of contemplation and meditation. Third, go into times with nature and just be with nature. Fourth, stop eating processed foods, stop eating as much food as you're eating and start going into periods of fasting. Cleanse yourself away from the matrix so you can think and feel clearly, you can see what YOU really think and feel.

You too can become a wizard who is the one who is in control of his reality, creates his reality on purpose, loves his reality. There is no reality. There is only YOU!


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