I Am A What?

I have always been an ancient soul in a modern body with a futuristic state of mind and as such, living on Earth, I feel like a stranger in a strange land. Why do I feel this way?

I feel this way because where I am from, there is no such thing as my God being better than yours or that there is one true God or religion and everyone else's is false. Where I  live there is no killing of anything, no war, no greed, anger, hate, jealousy, intolerance, prejudice, judgement, rape, harm of any kind. My realm has no suffering because we don't need to suffer to have an appreciation of joy. My land is one that is filled with Love.

So, imagine my shock and horror in coming here to planet Earth and seeing how humans live!!!! I mean, you people are insane, mad, crazy and out of touch. The funny thing is that I have grown to love you but not your ways. The majority of you still don't get it. Many of you are probably thinking that if I don't like it here, I should go back to where I came from. Good suggestion but I am here on assignment and I always finish my assignments no matter how backward the population. You see, Love is like that. No matter how bad humans are, that's what I Love them for.

I am not human, so I don't share your human ways. Yes, I am in human form because in order to participate with you and assist you, I had to put on a human form. It's a weird experience to come and go because there is no death where I am from. There is no need for death in my realm because we are not afraid of life everlasting, nor do we believe that there is more after death. We are in a state of heaven ALL THE TIME!!!!!! We don't go anywhere. We are always here.

I must admit and confess that it took me awhile to see that I could be happy amongst you. The biggest lesson for me in achieving that state of happiness was learning to accept you just as you are: a human race that finds it difficult to rise above its beliefs about itself. Well, I'm out of that now as I don't care what you believe. Believe in war and killing if you want. I'm not a part of that and so it is not my job to convince you as you must come to the way of peace yourself.

Again, I stand tall as an ancient soul in a modern body with a futuristic state of mind and as such, I already know that human kind has overcome its basest nature. It took you long enough!!!

Now, it's up to the ones who get it to convince the rest of the sleepwalkers. This is your new purpose.


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