I Am Present

I am present. What do I mean by this? I mean that I am in this now moment and there is really no past and there really is no future as we seem to think. Let me explain. Whenever I "visit" the past or the future I am doing it NOW while I am in the present. I am thinking about the past as I remember it and thinking about the future as I imagine I would like it to be right now in this present moment. At one time, the past was my present and the future will be my present. I exist only in this now moment and the past and future are only mindful constructs that I imagine in order to give my persona/psyche/ego a linear sense of time as a means of identifying with a (truly nonexistent) through line of physical existence.

The past and future are bubbles of perception and all I have is the now and my life is a series of nows that I am always in. Why is this important? It's important because the past and future are constructs that make many suffer because they become too attached to and identified with these linear time constructs and hold themselves back from enjoying the now moment. A good example of this playing out in persona/psyche/ego is a senior citizen who is already retired who continues to save in a 401k for some future enjoyment, scrimping and denying himself enjoyment in this now moment by never spending any money now because he over-identifies with some future time that may or may not arrive.

My perception says enjoy this now moment, be present to all that is inside and outside of you and limit your thoughts about the past that is gone and the future that is not here. As Baba Ram Dass said many years ago, "Be Here Now."

Now is the real.


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