How To Tell You Are A Creator

Do not be afraid to know that you are a Creator, that you can be a conscious Creator. This is not mystical, this is not blasphemous for, like God, you are a Creator, you are in co-creation with God.

Begin to look at the events of your life and how YOU create them. Look at your choices. Watch the consequences of your choices. Understand that you always create them to serve you. You are trained for this. You are coded for this.

Human beings make things happen with the exercise of their creativity, their imagination, their thoughts, ideas, feelings and physical expressions. This is Creation, this is being a Creator and you are not usurping or negating God's power or authority, it's just that you are one with that power and authority.

Many have been brainwashed to believe, by organized religions, that they are NOT a Creator like God. This is a distortion in the religious teachings, in the dogma. These religions want you powerless in order to control you and keep you giving them money, to keep them existing and getting rich while they tell you that you must suffer now to have a more rewarding afterlife. I tell you nay! You are a Creator and you can determine to be healthy, happy, abundant, peaceful and loving right now and forever.

Be the Creator you are and own your creations as this is the source of happiness. Stop letting these religions disempower you.

You are a God, now go be God and Create miracles!!!!!


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