How Our Thoughts Create

As a Wisdom keeper once realized, "...All thought is drawn into form based on the emotional influence behind it." You can have a desire, you can have an intent but if your emotion behind your desire and intent are weak or you do not have the required passion, your wishes will not come into form, will not be realized.

How you feel about a thing is the magic key to the Law of Attraction. You can have the will to do a thing but it is the fire of emotion that is the motivating force that brings its like vibration, frequency into physical form. That's why, in any endeavor, you must visualize your desire as already being so and you must not only see the picture of your desire but you must feel it, taste it, smell it, hear it and sense its completion in the now.

This emotion excites the Universal mind energy, it stimulates the frequency to rise in vibratory power towards you and you are actually bringing it into form with the degree of your emotional intensity.

This is the creative power of the human being, every human being. It is a most awesome power and it is strange that many don't use this inherent power they have within themselves. Why is this power not used? It is not used because we live in a left brain society that believes that seeing is believing instead of the reality that believing is seeing. We are thing oriented. Things have power over us. We give up our power to things.

Remember that the best things in life aren't things. The emotional power that each of us is gifted with that is our creative avenue to influence and manifest form is the best power we have in life.

Do not throw away this power in you by ignoring it or discounting it. It is real. It works. It is in you to serve you to help you create your life on purpose. From today on, back all your thoughts with positive emotional drive and watch in awe as the Universe supplies you with all that you desire.


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