Feeling Puny?

Humans tend to project a feeling of being puny in comparison to the size and scope of the Universe but in seeing reality for what is really there, it is only our physical bodies, our so-called "hardware" that is limited or "puny." Our minds, according to R. Buckminster Fuller, by which he means our so -called "software," contain the Universe, by the very act of comprehending it.

I am in agreement with this perception in that to me, humans ARE the Universe. I believe that it is in cognizing the fact that we are the Universe is comprehending the truth of who and what humans really are: intelligent stardust! The Universe, in my humble perception, does not exist without us. We are it, we define it. We may feel limited in our bodies by making comparisons but this making of comparisons is strictly a human foible that tries to pit Spiritual against physical. You can't compare them for they are one and the same.

The size of the human vehicle is designed so that it can coordinate in this specific sandbox called Earth. We can certainly be larger as were the dinosaurs but that gigantic size is not sensible for us as we can imagine. What is large in scope are our minds, our souls, our emotions that are not limited by size.
Humans are giants when it comes to these unseen "bodies." How large are our minds, soul's and emotions? To me, they have no limit in size, to me they are quantum and are here, there and everywhere. We humans are simply receiving stations for mind, soul and emotion. These have no limited body like a human body just because we believe these things are in your brain which is a misperception in modern man. We commune with stardust as ourselves.

If you feel puny, you are misperceiving who and what you are. You are the Universe, a boundless, fleeting presence that comes and goes wherever in the Cosmos you are called. Physicality is but a flash of a moment, a dance of incarnation similar to the dance of fireflies that create their wave of light and are gone.

Where do we, they, go? To that which is the opposite of puny, to that which you can call the Cosmic web.


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