Embracing Great Spirit

For those of you who are stepping onto your own wisdom path and becoming wisdom keepers, I remind you that the primary reason you are doing this is to embrace Great Spirit. What is meant but that?

To embrace Great Spirit, you are allowing that you and everything in your creation, in nature, in existence, is Great Spirit. You and Great Spirit are one. This awareness is contrary to the status quo which allows that the Great Spirit is "out there," in heaven, removed from us unless we go through an intermediary, that Spirit is in nothing and nothing is alive. Mass consciousness believes that everything is inert and they have no connection to Spirit or don't know that it is real and possible. They are scared to death of the face of Spirit, they are afraid to meet God on the other side of the sacred door. It is time to open the door and meet God, Great Spirit face to face.

Embracing Great Spirit is the tradition of many of the mystical branches of the major religions from Kabblalah and Sufism to Zen and Christian mysticism. It also includes the worldwide shamanic traditions.

The wisdom path is a mystical path where everything is alive for it is embued with Great Spirit. When you embrace Great Spirit, you are practicing the awareness of the inner vision that you are Great Spirit in form. You are in unity consciousness that allows for you to be Spirit, for you to know that everything is you in different forms.

The only medicine missing from those that suffer from spiritual malnutrition is Eagle medicine which is the medicine of Great Spirit, the medicine that says you can fly high and touch the sky and be with Great Spirit.

The so-called second coming already happened. The Christ consciousness is here now waiting for YOU to embrace IT! The Christ consciousness is God consciousness and it is Great Spirit.

Great Spirit is your ally.


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