Your Old System No Longer Exists

It is time for you to know the truth of your current reality: it's gone. It no longer exists. The new Earth reality is here and you seem bent on holding onto old beliefs, thoughts, ideas, feelings and knowledge that has passed its expiration date.

The Light of the Masters, the Light of Spirit has already altered the energy vibrational frequency that it has encountered here. You just think everything's the same because you don't want to give up your archaic beliefs.

The Light that has altered this planet carries information and this information expands systems so that old systems can no longer exist. Our old energy matrix is finished and the old energies are fighting very hard to stay relevant. They cannot. It's over!

You can keep saying that everything and everyone looks and seems the same. They are not. They are readying for either leaving the planet or making the necessary changes in themselves in order to stay.

The biggest change is in their level of God consciousness. I don't mean the dogmatic religions. They are over. I mean your direct connection to God. I mean the reality that God is you and in and of everything. I mean that you are on a sacred journey of soul awareness expansion.

If you are not with this program of expanding your God consciousness then you are preparing to leave Earth, never to return. Earth will no longer support you as it has moved on. You will not be comfortable here in your dogma. There is another planet for you that matches your old energy. You will be reborn there.

Your old system no longer exists. There is no moral aspect to this. It is what you have chosen. You have either raised your consciousness or you're leaving the planet.

I cannot feel bad for you as you have been given ample opportunity to get with the new program.  We are now in a new dawn of Love, compassion, health, happiness, God centeredness, kindness, abundance and peace. Anything else is old energy and will not be tolerated.


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