Welcome To Hell

Many believe in a literal hell. Much has been written about hell. Much has been imagined about hell. I don't believe there is a literal hell, a place of brimstone and fire. To me, hell is a metaphor for the unfortunate condition of human confusion. Not a good place to be.

How do we humans cause ourselves this confusion? It has become apparent to me from experience and perception that it is our refusal to accept our multidimensional nature. We reject nature and without nature or form, our human form, our physical existence, our persona/psyche/ego which is our root chakra or circuit and without our realizing our supra-terrestrial chakras or circuits, that is, our throat chakra and beyond, welcome to hell. Taking nature for granted and not connecting with Spirit is the definition of confusion, of hell, of true existential angst where the human feels life is meaningless because there is a disconnection from nature and Spirit, the two defining operating systems that give us purpose and meaning. Being without purpose and meaning in life is hell. Just ask people who experience a sense of purposelessness or meaninglessness. Why are there so many books and webinars showing people how to find their purpose?

When you connect consciously with nature and Spirit, you have realized the essence of your existence and that is to be in nature as Spirit, to be what is called a divine human, bridging the gap between nature and Spirit, being the interface between nature and Spirit, being a creator in human form and summoning both natural and Spiritual powers to live a conscious life.

Being confused means you don't know which way to go. When you are not rooted in nature and Spirit simultaneously, you live in a mundane, dreary place where you believe that all you are is a machine, a lump of clay that has no meaning or purpose and that when you die, the lights go out and you are no more.

This is confusion. This is hell. Without nature and without Spirit...welcome to hell!!!


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