There Will Be Here

Where we are moving to as a species, the human species on this planet, is to a consciousness, an awareness that "there" is really "here." What in the world does that mean?

"There" is the Western model of thinking that believes all reality is out "there," that we are separate from Spirit. Spirit, to the Western mind, is somewhere else and where that somewhere else is, we do not know but we agree that it's out there, outside of ourselves.

The great shift happening to our coveted and beloved matrix is a shift to the realization that everything is right "here" or within ourselves. If you want to experience God, heaven, Spirit, the Higher Self, nirvana, go within and within is right "here." There is nowhere to "go." You do not have to go "there." Stop pointing up to the sky when you speak of God or Spirit. They are in your heart, they are within you, they are you. You are already "here." You cannot be anywhere else.

Try as hard as you want to discount this, to ignore this, to deny this but "there" will be "here" no matter what you do. This is another way of saying that separation consciousness is coming to an end. Unity consciousness, where there is the realization that everything is connected, is the new reality of our planet and of our species.

What you do to, how you treat yourself, your neighbor, the planet is really how you are treating yourself. Think about that for a moment. You are in a "oneness web" and everything you say, think and do has ripple effects on the entire Cosmos.

When you get this concept, when you accept that "there" is now "here" as real, you will be mindful that what goes around, comes around. You are not separate, you are part of the Cosmic web which is right "here." Wherever you go, there you are.


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