"There For The Grace Of God Go I"

Whenever I witness human degradation, suffering, murder, homelessness, starvation whether in person, on TV or in pictures, I do not feel shame, anger, pity or disgust. I feel "there for the grace of God go I" and I silently send blessings and love to those who are suffering.

While I know that our lives are a creation of our own making, I am still indelibly connected to everyone and everything on this planet and elsewhere. I do not practice separation consciousness in thinking I am glad that I am not suffering like those people because I AM suffering in some way like them, for I AM them. Their suffering is my suffering and that's why I practice compassion and empathy for my fellow beings on this planet, FOR THAT COMPASSION AND EMPATHY IS FOR ME AS WELL.

Perhaps I will or will not give money to the person with a cardboard sign asking for money on the street corner but I do not chastise them in my mind. I send them a prayer of wellbeing for I could be them. What really separates me from them? Am I separate from them? I think not as I believe that we are all part of the Cosmic matrix of a Creative Source Infinite Intelligence acting out its intentions for an experience in body of its choosing. How we get to these experiences, how we choose to see these painful experiences are the key lessons in growing our souls' awareness.

I know it's difficult to accept that we choose these awful states, these terrible existences and I do not take them lightly. I honor them. I know that that soul who is suffering took on this experience on a soul level whether the person is conscious of it or not. However, I still feel for their experience for I was there once myself. They are part of the human soul, of the human family as I am and I relate to them with a sensibility of compassion, empathy and love.

The actions that I take are to BE peace, love, abundance, caring, happiness within myself, radiating those qualities to everyone I see and meet NO MATTER THEIR STATION OR CONDITION IN LIFE.

These radiations change the world for the better and that's why I say, " there for the grace of God go I."


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