The Blue Ray "Superpowers"

This life, through its twist and turns, kept pointing me to remembering my so-called esoteric "superpowers." Remember who you are life kept whispering to me in various and sundry ways and for the life of me, I didn't grasp what life was showing me. I felt largely disempowered, no where near one with super powers until, at my wife's traumatic death, I was knocked into my Light Body.

Once I fully entered my Light Body and slowly got used to this incredible superman suit, I was able to fully realize what life, Spirit, had guided me to understand. Spirit had been beckoning me to realize the superpowers inherent in my being a Blue Ray being from the Blue Ray Soul Group.

This took some time to absorb, to accept, to realize, to function in, be and master. It took the four years since my wife's death to truly activate these immense powers that are a part of my being, powers that I could use for the betterment of myself and others.

What are these powers you ask? I thought you'd never ask.

The powers inherent in my Blue Ray beingness are:

1. The power of the force of unconditional Love.

2. The power of Wisdom.

3. The power of healing.

4. The power of peace.

5. The power of Christ consciousness.

6. The power of the embodiment of Spirit in human form.

7. The power of unlimited being.

8. The power of Cosmic consciousness.

9. The power of major manifesting.

10. The power of Ascension skills, i. e., telepathy.

11. The power of everlasting life.

12. The power of karmic mastership.

Without being conscious of it, I sometimes used these powers unintentionally all my life, I carried the information of these powers in my Light Body and they lay dormant until the moment I fully entered my Light Body. Now, I am owning these superpowers. Now, I am mastering them consciously.

You, too, have superpowers and it is time that you discover them and begin mastering them. Look at your life, look closely and remember those times when you had experiences you couldn't explain, did not want to look at or denied. These are the times Spirit was breaking through to you to remind you of who you really are, the superpowers you really own.

All the Marvel Comics movies that have come out over these last years are not for nothing. They are a reflection of you. They are a metaphor for who you really are: a superbeing. Time to suit up and be you!!!


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