Last night, I decided to watch a Sci-Fi movie on HBO featuring Scarlette Johansson and Morgan Freeman called "Lucy." The theme of the movie is the forced experiment on a young woman of taking a new drug that causes her to go from using 10% of her brain to using 100%.  Of all the interesting dialogue and lines in the movie, this one line jumped out at me, "Man is more concerned with having than being."

To me, this is man's greatest stumbling block to achieving his greatest potentials. Why do I feel this way? I feel this way because I see most of the world's people being continually distracted with having more and more and forgetting who they really are and never bothering to find out. Certainly, it is great to have a good life, to have money, success, happiness, love, recognition, good health, longevity, all your needs met. But, in my perception, it is not so great to have all of these things and not have a conscious connection to your soul. Your soul determines everything and when you are not connected to it consciously, you are living an empty life, you are devoid of the one quality that makes us humans who and what we are: being.

What do we mean by being? We mean arriving at a state of awareness where you are conscious of being your soul, you are mindful of your soul's whisperings, you are in conversation with your soul and not distracted from it because you are fascinated with perpetual accumulation, in having, that takes your mind and heart away from your soul's stirrings.

Your soul drives the bus of your life. You aren't driving this bus as in your soul is the decision maker in your life and death. If you are more concerned with consuming and having, you are not going to look at being. It is OK to have but not at the risk of ignoring your being. My question to you is, how can you be human without being?


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