Intent Is Moved By Emotion

All thought is drawn into form based on the emotional influence behind it. Our intent is moved by emotion. If you don't feel the thing after you think it up, it will not appear in your reality. It's a delicate balance between the mind and the heart. It is the heart that fashions the mind's workings into reality.

This is the seed, the kernel to how the Law of Attraction really works. You can think of a thing but it will not be attracted to you unless you feel it, you vibrate it on a frquency level of emotion. The heart is the creator. The heart takes mental intent and moves it into a reality through emotion.

Emotions are the secret in the chronicles of time. The human complex is endowed with the ability to feel and it is one of our most powerful tools to create with. The thing that you want must be felt before it becomes your reality. Notice how people feel about their coveted belief systems? These beliefs are just ideas, yet people invest emotions into them and are often willing to die for them.

This ability to master your emotions, your feelings in order to create is one of the most important abilities you will face in becoming a master of intent.

I say, step on that path to mastery. It is a path of contentment.


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