I Take My Dreams As Real

When I dream and I dream every night, remembering my dreams as they are vivid and memorable. I take them as "real." What I mean by this is that my dreams, perhaps not all of them but most of them, happen in a dimension, on a level of consciousness that is just as real as this physical one. I must admit that I often don't know what dimensions my dreams happen in but they are strorylines that tell me or teach me something. I try to sort out these tellings and teachings as a way of gaining greater awareness, understanding and knowledge.

Let me share a personal example. Since my wife, Maureen, died unexpectedly in 2012, I have dreamt about her at least three to four times per week or more. She always appears in my dreams as youthful (she died at 59) and we often play out a wide range of emotional, intellectual and situational dramas that range from happy to angry.

Last night, in the dream, I was at home, waiting for her to come home and missing her very much. She appeared in my dreams as youthful, walking into our house wearing a beautiful business suit, carrying books and said that she had been away, studying, taking classes. She looked at me, put her books and bag down, came over to me and put my head on her lap as I felt an over wheliming sense of sadness, missing her so much because she had been away. I felt as if she was comforting me and letting me know it was OK. The feeling of sadness was so palpable though.

I took this as what I would call a visit to her dimension and engaged with her soul because I still miss her, especially in light of Mother's Day coming up. What I took away from this dream is that subconsciously, I am still grieving and she came to comfort me. My soul still feels a loss and I have to just realize that, yes, I still miss her but it's all OK. I'll be OK because she is right here. She is continuing to do her thing because she was going to continue getting her doctorate degree when she was alive in body but is continuing to do so in another dimension.

These dreams help me in many ways including connecting with her soul and being with her. They feel dimensionally real to me and I take them that way.

Whether I am asleep or awake, it's a dream and it's all real. That's the key. It's all real.


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