I, Shaman

I, shaman. There's nothing I can do about it, I was born this way. I came to find myself in my function as guardian of the psychic and ecological equilibrium of my group and its members. For me, that is everyone and everything on planet Earth including Earth herself.

I found myself being an intermediary between the seen and unseen world's, as master of spirits, as supernatural curer. I am Shakespeare's Prospero in flesh.

As a shaman, I am able to transcend the human condition and pass freely back and forth through the different cosmological planes. I am the Nagual, the guardian spirit. As the Nagual, I discovered in my life that experience initiates Spiritual authority and because of this knowledge, I seek balance, not obsession. I seek only to understand, not always to be understood. My main state of being is harmonious. I come in peace.

My world tends to be the nonordinary, where I am essentially the pilot of the soul through the many circuits of consciousness. I learned to become a cartographer, traveling the vast expanses of the visible and invisible world's to map them. The biggest realization I had was discovering that the map is not the territory. When I produced a map of reality, I saw that I was limited by the tools with which I perceived it. I am more free in my life now because I saw that my freedom lives in my cosmological creativity and it is up to me to grasp it.

I, Shaman was not made, was not taught. I was born this way but had to sharpen my craft through years of work. I am not an indigenous shaman in Peru or the Amazon. I am an American and yes, there are real shamans here and I am what is known as a "Cosmic Shaman." Only Spirit is my guide, only through Spirit can I heal myself and others. Nobody owns me, nobody can claim me as their own. I am no savior. You are the only one that can accept that being in my presence heals you or reading these words heal you in some way.

I, shaman have been here, patiently waiting for you to meet me in the field of all possibilities. I believe that the wait is over.


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