How To Be Happy

I caught a segment of the Steve Harvey show on YouTube yesterday, featuring Bishop TD Jakes and his five step model on How to be Happy. It bears repeating here as I perceive that so many people are starving to find happiness and be happy.

Here's what Bishop TD Jakes says are the five keys on how to be happy:

1. Own your own happiness.

2. Challenge your own story.

3. Enjoy the journey.

4. Make relationships count with others AND yourself.

5. Balance work with play.

You can find Bishop TD Jakes explaining more of how to be happy on the Steve Harvey show YouTube segments. They are well worth viewing and listening to.

Many find happiness elusive because they think it's something to get, that it's a feeling you get from having something you want and that until you get IT, you are not happy. They say, "I'll be happy when..." From my own beingness of happiness, one doesn't achieve happiness. You practice happiness. Nothing makes you happy because you already are, you just aren't practicing this state of being properly.


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