Cancer Is Darkness

I learned a while ago that cancer is a form of darkness, a Spiritual darkness that manifests as darkness in the body. Please understand that I don't mean to oversimplify these diseases as cancers take many lives every day. I am simply adding to the conversation to say that from a Spiritual perspective, cancer is a form of darkness, a form of separation from Spiritual realities, an ignoring of our connection to the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence, our beloved.

Having put that out there, I am also aware that we human complexes are a unity, that all that we are makes up a wholeness and our behavior can fight cancer when we have the attitude that we are bringing Light into our bodies in the nutritious foods we eat. How you live, physically, also matters in keeping your physical aspect healthy and cancer free and it is an awareness., a consciousness. What you eat is who you are. It does contribute to your overall well being. Here are several cancer fighting foods to include consistently in your diet:

1. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli.

2. Berries.

3. Onion.

4. Garlic.

5. Chive.

6. Leeks.

7. Tomatoes.

8. Leafy green vegetables like spinach.

While there are many more cancer fighting foods, the most important thing to remember in eating and fighting cancer is the PH balance in your body. Too acidic a body opens you up to cancer causing agents having more domain in your body. You must balance your PH levels with a good acid/alkaleine balance. One of the most cancer causing foods is BBQ'd meat and too much meat in general, especially processed meat. This is not about stopping meat eating, it's about balance and not eating too much meat, whether it's grass-fed or not.

How you eat is critical to your health. Staying free of cancer is a worthy consideration in taking the time to eat foods that bring more Light to your body.


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