Saturday, April 16, 2016

You Must Feel

Feeling connects you with life and even though life unfolds in cycles, sometimes up, sometimes down, we must recognize, respect and then detach from these chain of events. We detach, not to become unfeeling zombies, we detach because we are enlightened enough to know that there is no such thing as an imbalance of power in our relationships, in the cycles we go through, unless we are creating these imbalances in our own minds.

This is the essence of why we must detach from drama. We create the drama in our lives in order to test our knowledge so that we can understand how something really feels and we must learn to accept and go through these tests with grace and be confident that we have learned our lessons and move on. We must not judge ourselves as less. This is how karma works. It shows us how something feels.

Emotions and the feelings they engender are the secret in the chronicles of time. You need emotions to comprehend the nonphysical. Our deeper experiences in life are feeling experiences and those are nonphysical. Feelings are from our emotional body, otherwise known as our soul and we must not be afraid of or averse to these quantum realities called feelings. We must feel, we must embrace them whether they are feelings of despair or feelings of elation. Each human has cycles of manic and depressive feelings as a natural biorhythmic continuum and we go between both many times per day. The idea of detachment is that of being the patient and wise observer of these currents and letting them unfold within us with equanimity knowing that we are maturing.

What this means is don't get caught up in these cycles. Don't get caught up in the drama. Learn from them because you MUST feel.

When you feel, you are comprehending the soul as it is entwined with nature, the physical aspects of you. This is how to know yourself for knowing leads to understanding and this brings enlightenment.

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