Monday, April 25, 2016

You Create Your Life.

You create your life! I know, hard to swallow that reality, huh? All that is outside of you in your experiences, situations, occurances, relationships is created by you for you to gain greater awareness about who you really are and that is Spirit having an interlude with nature for the purpose of expanding your soul's awareness. You can't blame anyone or anything for your personal reality. It's all you!!!

May I suggest that you begin to look at the events of your life and how you create them. Understand that you always create them to serve you. You are trained for this. You are coded for this.

Take the time to actually see how the many facets of your self, your multitude of selves come forth and why that side of you is stepping forward. Remember that when you are in body, part of you is a persona/psyche/ego and you will undergo times of intense personal transformation when your ego is being confronted by your Higher Self and the Divine to grow into wisdom. These times of being tested are the times to refine your instincts and temper your immature and self-centered tendencies in search of a more graceful expression of self.

How and what you create in your life says a lot about your maturity as a soul, let alone your persona/psyche/ego.  In the final analysis, this is what you are here on Earth for-to maturate your soul, to learn from your relationship with nature.

This Earth is your sandbox. How and with what and with whom you play with is your choice. Just remember that your choices have consequences. HOW you deal with the consequences of your choices is what you learn from.

When you get to higher levels of soul maturity, you begin to use discernment and wisdom in creating your life so that your experiences are those of a state of grace. This is where everything flows.

It's a great place to live. Create THAT.

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