Friday, April 1, 2016

When You Really Feel It-You're In Touch With Your Soul

My discovery is that, in any law of attraction practice and discipline, in any manifestation technique, you must feel it before it can manifest in your life. Feeling it is the key.

Here is the secret no one really talks about and is so simple: when you want to manifest anything in your life, feel that thing's richness, feel rich in yourself, feel blessed because the world says you are! Don't think it, feel it in it's already manifested state.

Abundance is a state of being, a consciousness that we already have within us and is our natural state of being. We just simply forgot. Abundance is not separate from us, we don't have to attain it, it is us. Simply feel rich and blessed until your ego accepts it and you begin to see the riches appear in your life.

These are not just words I am writing in a blog. This is real because I have experienced this reality. I live this reality. In numerology, my number is 22, a master of manifestation number and I have made master manifestations all my life. I have done this through being it, feeling it in my life, feeling rich and then the riches come into my life in all forms from money and happiness to Love and peace. I have had and have these things now!!!!

This manifestation ability is the ability of your soul. Your soul manifested you, that is, your soul manifested your persona/psyche/ego and it can manifest whatever it/you feel. WHATEVER YOU FEEL. Your soul speaks, realizes, activates through feeling. You "call" more of what you feel to yourself, good or bad. The Universe doesn't distinguish for it gives you exactly what you feel. Period!

The first step: let yourself feel.

More on this to come.

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