Sunday, April 24, 2016

What's The Trick?

The trick about discovering and being in an ultimate loving Spiritual reality is to both go within and go without and realize that they are both the same.

There really is no "place" to go as within and without are states of consciousness that manifest as a result of your evolving or devolving awareness, your pure or corrupted intent.  What you are inside, that is your thoughts, your feelings, are projected onto your outside, your life, as in other people, situations and occurances . One is a reflection of the other, one comes about because of the other. It's a do loop.

When you don't face or deny your shadow side, this denial can manifest as selfishness, jealousy, aggression, abuse, suspicion, insensitivity or manipulation.

The trick is to be aware enough of what is going on internally and externally with you to be able to make adjustments so that you can live a life of clarity where you ride a wave of pure intent, love, harmony, peace, happiness, abundance, health, kindness and compassion. This type of living, where your within and without are one in a way that creates a life for you that is loving, peaceful, strong, contributing and honest is to me, the goal of being Spiritual. Being Spiritual is not some lofty goal for happiness in the afterlife. It is about every day living where you bring the sacred into the mundane.

This is a consciousness thing and I am writing this from experiences that I have had with myself and others, seeing first hand the effects of people's shadow side on themselves and others and being unaware of or unwilling to face this in themselves to help change the sad trajectory of their lives. The sad effect they have on others.

The trick? Become aware of what's inside, that will determine the outside. Keep a watchful eye on the outside, as that will signal to you what's going on inside. It's a simple concept to grasp but takes constant practice and determination to effect. In my book, well worth the effort. Start by looking at your life. Whatever you want to change for the better, look within first. If your life is filled with lack, look within at your "lack" consciousness.

While it's a constant balancing act, being aware of yourself is a lot better than keeping yourself in the dark. Tricky, no?

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