Monday, April 4, 2016

What My Dead Wife Taught Me About Me

With the sudden death of my wife, Maureen Abell, four years ago, I was traumatized at having my soul mate, my twin flame and life partner leave this physical dimension. I felt lonely and dejected. At the same time, her death knocked me right into my light body where I made a complete shift out of this third density matrix. Everything changed and I was confronted with an unexpected challenge.

With my beloved passing away, I was so grief-stricken, so demotivated, suddenly so alone that I decided to reach out to her soul on the "other side." What she told me was a powerful wake up call for me.

Before her death, here I was, this supposed Spiritual person in contact with Spirit on many levels. This gave me the ability to be in contact with Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels and more, so when Maureen died and I contacted her saying that I missed her; she asked me what the problem was because she was still here and what was my problem since I was so Spiritual and could easily navigate and perceive in that realm of the other side of the veil? She said that the realm of the soul was my realm, so why did I feel so mournful, so out of touch?

This was a big, big realization for me. Of course, she was right and I realized that I was allowing my persona/psyche/ego to rule my soul, to rule my Spirit. I was so mesmerized by grief and suddenly being alone. It also humbled me in realizing that some of my Spirituality was intellectual, was conceptual and that I had paid mere lip service to my intuitive abilities. Perhaps I didn't really believe as much in Spirit as I had thought or perhaps I was being challenged by Maureen to really be who I am.

I felt that I had to confront this distortion within myself and eventually came to the conclusion that I was being asked to trust in what I am as a deep, Spiritual being and stop fearing being who I am. Let your soulful abilities come forth and be them was the mantra of Maureen's admonition.

As I allowed myself to fully accept my psychic abilities and immerse fully and truly in the Spiritual world, I was able to be more at one with myself and see so much more and be at ease with the Spiritual realities of my existence.

The biggest realization for me, as Maureen told me is, she is still here, there is no death, no death is inappropriate and you can't die unless your soul wishes it.

For this profound awakening, I give thanks, appreciation and gratitude to both Maureen and myself. This brought me much comfort and peace although I continue to miss her.

We can all learn to listen to our Spirit and accept who we truly are: Spirit having a human experience.

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