Saturday, April 23, 2016

What "Lack Consciousness" Really Is

As I look around at my neighbors on Earth, I see many struggling from what I call "lack consciousness" that keeps them in a state, in the experience of never having enough of everything from money and health to happiness and peace. What is this all about? Why are so many not only in lack consciousness but staying in this experience and remaining miserable?

First of all, it is not self-worth, for many rich people are unhappy. It is not about insecurities. Many who are in abundance still are insecure.

What lack consciousness is really about is a willfulness to ignore, to refute, to not believe in the Universe's benevolent characteristic where through your intention you activate your birthright of joy. Through your intention, you can raise your thought vibrations to ecstatic bliss. So much of what you have seen and have been taught is about striving, struggling and an action-oriented way of being. You have a belief system that says you must focus, focus, focus on your goals and when they don't come about, you lose heart.

Lack consciousness then is a choice to stay unaware that there IS a way to shift to being where you already are and in a state of joy, in a state of abundance, happiness, enjoying riches, wealth, great health and inner peace. This state can only be arrived at when you are in ALIGNMENT with what the Universe desires to give you, you are in a state of joy which IS the alignment process that will create a life of joy and abundance for and with you.

This alignment process is the conscious ALLOWANCE that agrees that having money and being Spiritual at the same time is OK.  You drop the pretense of suffering and ALIGN with the Universe's abundant reality that you are a part of. So, while you are working hard to achieve your dreams, you are not miserable, you are happy because you know that your intent to create riches and happiness for yourself and others DOES WORK BECAUSE YOU BELIEVE IT DOES AND YOU ALIGN WITH THE UNIVERSE'S ABUNDANCE. You only work at what makes you happy.

Your lack problem is a lack of awareness and a lack of belief. You have separation consciousness and think the Universe is "out there." No, no. The Universe is you. When you align with the Universe, you are aligning with yourself and you, my friend are naturally abundant, you just forgot.

Use your thought intention the way Spirit does-without struggle. It intends and things manifest. On this physical level we are in, we must intend and then take action but while taking this action we must do so with Love, gratitude, positive expectation and happiness. Being happy in our pursuit is the key.

Lack consciousness is just that, you lack the consciousness, the awareness that it simply is an alignment process with what is seeking you-the abundance of the Universe where the consciousness is not lack, but abundance. Again, this is seeking YOU!!!

Shift to abundance CONSCIOUSNESS!!!!!!! Feel this in your heart, your body, your mind, your Spirit. Don't lie to yourself. Really feel happy working on your abundance. You will surely become rich and abundant.

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