Monday, April 11, 2016

We Are Never Fully Realized

Your imbalance is that you think you are completing or have completed realization, enlightenment when there is no end to self-actualization. Enlightenment is not a thing to be had but a perception to be experienced.  We are never fully realized. Enlightenment is a path that we continue on indefinitely. It is a state of consciousness that can be and is ever expanding. We can always deepen, have more enlightenment.

Thinking you know something and that you are enlightened is a Spiritual and cognitive trap because you can know that thing even more deeply when you reach higher levels of awareness. It's like understanding something you know from a fresh perspective. It's new all over again. That is why Spirit incarnates into so many personae/psyche/egos-to experience expanding its awareness in an infinite number of ways ad infinitum.

So, now you can relax and just be who you are and move along your path knowing you have all the time in the world. However, once you are on the path of enlightenment, you can never get off of it. You cannot reverse your Ascension but you are given the free will to move along the path of self-actualization at your own speed. You will acknowledge that you are here to expand your awareness in a conscious manner at some point along your path.

That is the key to being enlightened; being aware that you are in carnation to consciously experience the ups and downs of expanding your soul's awareness and while in form, also knowing you are Spirit at the same time.

That, to me, is part of what enlightenment is: being conscious that you are an awakened being on a path of ever expanding self-awareness. Learning never stops. If you want to devolve and there are plenty of people who are devolving, you can do that. Remember only that there are consequences to your choices. The choice to stay in imbalance has consequences that you must and will face. Thinking that you've made it to enlightenment and you have reached the ultimate goal is the height of egotistical pride. That type of thinking keeps you in Maya, in glamor, keeps you trapped in the wheel of samsara. That is the wheel of suffering.

Compassion for yourself and others means being aware that you always have more work to do and that your potential is quite large. If you are aware that you are on the path of the awakened self, that is a big step. Let that step give you the motivation to continue.

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