Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The True Nature Of Death Revealed

What death is, is not at all understood by the Western mind because of the Cartesian, Newtonian and religious belief systems most of the Western world adheres to.

Let me dispell these mistaken notions. We are not a machine, we are not objects and we don't go to heaven. The lights don't go out when we die as most believe.

How do I know this? I know this because I have already died in your Universe many times and I am in contact with loved ones who have finished their current human experience and they have told me.

Let me explicate the real nature of who we are and what death really is from my experience. Many of you will negate this because you are so convinced by the misunderstood nature of who and what we are.

To begin with, we are Spirit having a human experience and this human format is endowed with a multidimensionality in which we are simultaneously vibrating as energy beings on / in many dimensions at the same time. A dimension is simply a consciousness construct. We exist in many dimensions and as I speak, scientists who claim that when we die, we are clinically dead, are finding out that there are parallel Universes, dimension where we continue to live, to exist.

It is known that we have an Aura, Chakras, Nadis, Meridians as part of our physicality, yet these are not physical. They are part of our energy system that does not die. What "dies" is our lower, third dimensional aspect, the body that we set aside at our time of leaving the third dimension. We grieve at this event because our persona/psyche/ego cannot accept death. We mourn as part of our respect for the physical incarnation our loved ones have completed as they move on to new experiences. The higher vibrating energy aspects of our soul/Spiritual complex continues to vibrate, continues to live on another level of reality that vibrates faster than this one which is physical. If you open your awareness enough, you will actually see all of this.

How many times I have heard from family members, friends and others that when they were on the operating table, they "died" yet they could still see, think, feel, I can't tell you. Many. I heard this out of the mouths of real people including in books from credible doctors who had near death experiences.

Western medicine wishes to dismiss this because they are ignorant of this truth and the truth about death is that there is no death, no death is inappropriate and you can't die if your soul is not ready to leave your physicality.

Life is a continuum and the physical experience we have is only a tiny part of our experience as souls, as Spirit. The greater part of us isn't even here.

The true nature of death is a being born back into who you really are: a multidimensional complex that is quantum energy living at different vibrational frequencies simultaneously. This is the real you.

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