Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Secret To Health: Release All Judgements

In the past couple of months, questions about maintaining health, on all levels, have been a part of my dialogue with the Universe, with Spirirt. It seems that these seminal and important questions are being answered now with information coming to me in the form of people, the Tarot, webinars and videos.

I feel like the Tarot put it into an understanding that we can all wrap our heads and hearts around so I will share with you what has come through for me about the topic of healing our health and maintaining a healthy life.

It was through the Judgement card, the 20th card of the Major Arcana from what is called The Pathfinder's Tarot that I was given a succinct message about what sickness is all about.

Allow me to begin with the image of the archetypal Fool having travelled successfully through all the initiations of the Major Arcana to, with a shock, reaching the Judgement card. The question we ask is, after making it this far down our life path and being successful in achieving much wisdom, why should we be judged now? What does judgement really involve?

We have to see judgement, not as an unavoidable part of life's journey, as most people think it is but as a part of our life's continual journey of learning and that at some point, we must be tested on what has been learned. So, in our renewed understanding of judgement, we realize that it symbolizes the culmination of the quest for self-knowledge rather than the medieval fear of hell-fire.

What the Judgement card is trying to tell us is "that the more work there is done in this life, the easier it will be to handle the most testing questions we ever have to face."

The truth about our health, our fate, is that it lies within ourselves and that Judgement is more about our level of self-knowledge than about guilt or punishment.

This message is really a wake-up call as we reach the last card in the Major Arcana which is the World or the ability to let go of our control of the World to have our freedom. We become resurrected and realize that resurrection refers to the Spiritual, not the physical body.

We must free ourselves from self-judgement, from carrying mistaken beliefs that cause us illness. The Judgement card is a test of whether we are ready to let go of our false beliefs that are harming us.

Letting go of our belief that we are Spiritual, that we are this or that. We just are. When you let go of beliefs you are free and nothing can attach to you, not even illness, not even death.

This is a great secret that leads to health on all levels because you are no longer allowing your distorted mental constructs and agreements to make you sick.

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