Friday, April 15, 2016

The Map Is Not The Territory

"When we produce a map of reality, we are limited by the tools with which we perceive."

If we are perceiving with our lower persona/psyche/ego minds, we will experience a territory of me, mine, for myself alone, survival, eat or be eaten, religious agendas, judgement, I am better than you and on and on in the realm of the insatiable ego. If we are perceiving with our soul, Spiritual body, our Spiritual intelligence, we will experience a territory of Love, kindness, abundance, happiness, compassion, peace, wisdom and so much more. Our freedom as human beings lives in our cosmological creativity and it is up to us to grasp it.

The map created by the ego and the map created by Spirit are only metaphors and do not really define the territory or guarantee your experience. Your experience is based on your level of awareness. You have to be a cartographer who maps out, who actually travels and experiences the vast expanses of the visible and invisible worlds. Allow your soul its desire to make its way through the eight circuits of consciousness that are located in each of your chakras. These are the vortices of, the doorway to and from the different realms of expanded awareness. These become, based on its progress, its organs of perception, it's understanding and action.

The supra-terrestrial or Spiritual circuits/chakras of your physical/energy body can also be called holographic ( directed toward the whole) circuits, transpersonal (beyond the personal) circuits or nonordinary circuits. These circuits that exist within us are understood also as a kind of science of cybernetics that describes the way in which all systems-physical, chemical, biological, psychological, sociological, Spiritual and so on are directed or governed by feedback loops that weave an infinite network of reciprocal interactions.

We human beings are essentially pilots of the soul through these circuits/chakras of consciousness. We map them out from our experience of traversing these dimensions of consciousness but that experience, that territory is not going to be the exact same experience for everyone. The map, therefore, is only a guide, not the territory itself.

An original experience does not come from a text, sacred or otherwise, it is just a map. What shamans have passed on to me is that the concepts they use to describe their nonordinary experiences of reality are not the experiences themselves, just metaphors that poorly try to capture what the experience was like. We must be careful not to fall into cognitive traps or conceptual constructs and believe that's the experience.

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