Saturday, April 2, 2016

Take Care Of Survival Issues Now

When you take care of your survival issues and move into the realization that you are sustained and you no longer need to worry about "survival," you can then focus on your "higher aspects" for your full expression. This is needed now on our shifting planet and in this time of confusion.

What are these "higher aspects"? Why is it important to focus on these?

The "higher aspects" I am talking about here are your soul, your Spiritual aspect, your multidimensional selves, your intuitive abilities that are a natural part of you. Spiritual in this discussion is not ritual or crystals. When I mention Spiritual, I am talking about that part of you that is the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence. You are God in form. That's the "higher aspect" you need to focus on.

The reason this focus is critical for you at this juncture is because our whole reality has moved from a lower vibratory level to a higher one and it has left those who have not moved with it in their awareness, in a quandary, in deep confusion. If you don't believe me, look around the world and see the confusion being acted out.

To move into the higher vibratory level that our Earth has already moved into, all you need do is connect with your soul, connect with your Spirit, your intuition. You do this through meditation, by going within and listening for the voice of your soul that will guide you. Listen for the voice of Spirit that will guide you. Listen to your higher intuition that will guide you.

Relinquish your struggles for survival. Those are big distractions. Allow yourself to accept that you are sustained and that your focus needs to shift to accepting that the real you is your soul. I am not asking you to negate anything. Your survival issues are real too, your persona/psyche/ego are real too. I am asking you to SHIFT FOCUS as if your mind is a camera clarifying its focus on a subject. You cannot deny ANY part of you.

Use your mind to focus now on the higher vibrating aspects of your Self. This is a deeper aspect that has always been with you but your struggles to survive has caused you to ignore and forget this essential part of your being.

You can no longer ignore your soul. The time of a soulful existence is at hand and is very needed.

Take care of your survival issues now and let them go. Let them go. Connect with your soul.

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